Gwen O'Keefe

About Dr. Gwen O’Keefe

Dr. Gwen O’Keefe makes it her goal to help medium and large healthcare organizations use technology in pragmatic and sustainable ways. She guides healthcare organizations as they implement solutions to:

  • improve efficacy with technology and analytics
  • align tools and resources with overall goals
  • bring new products and ventures to fruition
  • improve healthcare delivery
  • improve the patient and provider experience

Dr. Gwen isn’t your typical healthcare professional. In addition to practicing as a physician, board certified in internal medicine and clinical informatics, she has worked as vice president, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, medical director, and professor.

She has worked for small, entrepreneurial tech companies and large hospitals; providers and payers; and integrated delivery systems.

In short, Gwen’s wide-ranging experience allows her to make connections that no one else is making.

Those connections help improve the performance of your organization. Gwen’s professional roles include:

  • Guide: providing clear, forthright, and insightful guidance to each group in an organization, based on that group’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Interpreter: improving communication between the various constituencies in a healthcare organization
  • Fixer: helping companies that purchased a technology solution only to find that solution isn’t quite providing access to the information they need
  • Mentor: guiding newcomers to the field of clinical informatics, particularly in the areas of machine learning and predictive analytics, telehealth, and health information exchange

Gwen has been recognized as an industry leader in her role as Faculty for the International Institute for Analytics, and was recently elected as President-Elect for 2017 to the HIMSS- WA chapter.

When she isn’t working, Gwen enjoys spending time with her family, exploring the Pacific NW by boat, cycling, skiing, and reading voraciously.

Since launching GO Healthcare Strategy, Gwen O’Keefe has been sought for her combined business and clinical acumen. To her clients, she’s a skilled advisor and confidant; to the industry, she’s a capable leader and forward-thinking visionary.

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