CMO/CMIO Services

Bridging the gaps between healthcare and technology

Both healthcare and technology are changing rapidly, seemingly on a daily basis. Perhaps that’s why many of today’s healthcare technology companies lack balance — they’re either strong on the technology side or the healthcare side, but not both.

Dr. Gwen O’Keefe and GO Healthcare Strategy can bridge those gaps, providing clarity across several different industry roles and environments, including clinicians, IT professionals, health systems and the organizations that serve all of them. She doesn’t merely make sure the pieces fit together; she ensures they understand one another to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Whether it’s helping companies refine products and reframe conversations to effectively market to healthcare leaders, assessing changing patient needs, or simply providing guidance as a physician board-certified in Internal Medicine and Clinical Informatics, Dr. O’Keefe uses her medical and technological expertise to facilitate your thinking and strategic planning as a leadership team to get “unstuck” in the technology arena.