Strategy and Leadership Development

Strategic Analysis and Advisement

GO Healthcare Strategy provides expert analysis and recommendations for executives, boards and investor groups who are leading their companies into new models of healthcare delivery — and looking to leverage sophisticated analytics to improve care and increase revenue. We rapidly assess situations and business needs, along with the capabilities of individuals involved, to give you the unbiased expertise and the feedback you need to make good decisions.


  • Leadership advising
  • Strategic planning workshops
  • Industry analysis, presentations and leadership education
  • Candid feedback

The result is a roadmap for leaders looking for an efficient — and effective — way to jump-start their work.

Guidance and assessments for leadership teams

Relationships between clinical and administrative leaders often get tangled up in politics and misunderstandings — even when they share the same goals. This lack of clear alignment limits an organization’s ability to succeed.


  • Facilitated retreats
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Focused workshops
  • Personnel assessments

After working with GO Healthcare Strategy, your leadership team will be able to focus on — and act on — the most important issues facing your organization.