How we work

A thoughtful approach to technology — and people

At GO Healthcare Strategy, we know about using data and technology to make better decisions, provide better care and become a better organization. But we realize there’s something behind that technology, too: the people who use it. That’s why we help our clients start with the right questions and take a holistic approach, so changes are sustainable..

One point of contact

Our clients work directly with owner and founder Dr. Gwen O’Keefe at all times. That’s not something every consulting company can promise, and you’ll find that our approach is a little different in other areas, too.

We don’t start with a solution in mind and then search for a problem it can solve. Dr. O’Keefe assesses your current situation, your objectives and your challenges. Only then does she begin to determine your needs and solutions that fit — that is, if there’s a need for new solutions at all. (And sometimes there isn’t. Try finding a consultant who will tell you that.)

A personal touch with your personnel

Technology doesn’t fix everything; even the right systems can be detrimental if your people aren’t prepared to utilize them. Education, training and communication are the foundation of any successful implementation, and we advise you on how to create that solid foundation.

Placing the right people in the right roles is important, too. We’ll help you evaluate your personnel, uncover their hidden skills and maximize the team’s potential as you create change. In addition to ensuring your new systems integrate smoothly, this also can increase employee engagement and satisfaction. Which, in turn, will help keep their talent and historical knowledge where it belongs — with you.

Independence — and integrity

As the owner of the firm, rather than part of a larger company with high overhead and revenue pressures, Dr. O’Keefe has the freedom to make recommendations that always reflect the best interests of her clients. That means you can have complete confidence that we’re working to find what’s best for you — not what’s best for us.